Kent State Anniversary

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On May 4, 1970, National Guardsmen fired into a crowd of unarmed peace protesters at Kent State University, in Ohio. Four students died. The campus was ordered closed, with armed Guardsmen patrolling to ensure students and faculty did not return.

Bipartisan Move to Strip Health Coverage Stalls

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Illinois retirees were under attack once more this week, as a bipartisan legislative coalition supported by the Chicago Tribune moved to strip Illinois government retirees of their health benefits. An empty bill, SB-1313 was passed with little fanfare.

Sunday is Earthday

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Sunday, Aprill 22, 2012 is Earthday.

Quinn Moves Against Retirees.

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On Friday, Illinois Governor Quinn announced his first draft (click to download as pdf) of an austerity plan aimed at making governmental employees and retirees assume the burden of tax cuts granted to the State's largest corporations.

CISPA making its way through Congress.

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Civil libertarians lost their battle to stop the PATRIOT Act, but succeeded against SOPA. Now another threat has surfaced.

The new bill is called CISPA, short for Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. CISPA was the topic of discussion at the April meeting of the North Side Greens.

Juan Coles on the Iranian "Threat"

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With the Administration beating the drums for war with Iran, this might be a good time to revisit a map posted online by Juan Coles an expert on middle eastern affairs. The map shows US military bases surrounding Iran.

From a military standpoint, Washington's claims that Iran is a military threat might seem ludicrous, but the mainstream media show little willingness to question the Administration on this issue.

Will Guzzardi asks for Recount in 39th RD

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Will Guzzardi, who ran on a reform platform against Regular Democrat Antonia Berrios, is asking for a recount, the North Side Greens have learned. He came within 185 votes of victory, according to press reports. That has since narrowed to 125 votes.

Economists: Iran War May Cause Oil Price Spike.

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If the US starts a military confrontation with Iran, the price of oil may spike to $200, according to a CNN poll of economists. This would be catastrophic for the US economy, they warn. CNNMoney surveyed 18 economists.

U.S. Threatens War

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Last week Secretary of State Hillary Clinton once again threatened war. Time is running out for a peaceful resolution with Iran, she said, as she reiterated US demands that Iran capitulate. Her message was evidently intended to prepare the US public to accept military action.

Maryknolls may dismiss Bourgeois

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The Maryknoll order was to vote on a motion to dismiss peace activist Fr.Roy Bourgeois, according to a story appearing in the National Catholic Reporter. Fr. Bourgeois has constructed a rationale for the ordination of women, which the Catholic Church has difficulty with.

According to an NSG source, he has been asked to recant, but so far has not done so. A panel of five voted on the issue this week. Three members abstained and two voted to dismiss, according to this source.

Sunday Anti-War March

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On Sunday, March 18, there will be an anti-war march. The event takes place on the north side of Chicago. The march starts at 3:00 pm from 2100 West Devon avenue. (Devon and Hoyne).

The location is accessible by public transit.

Dissent in America: Guilt by Activism

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The impact of the new surveillance state will be the topic of a panel discussion, Guilt by Activism. The event takes place on Thursday, March 15th, 2012, 6:00 pm at 28 East Jackson, suite 1700. Attendees must register in advance, at

Michael Deutsch will speak on the legal issues involved in these invasions

Kevin Vodak, of The Council on American Islamic Relations, does advocacy work on behalf of Muslims and Arabs in the Chicago area.

North Side Greens in Protest

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Photo of protesters with signs.

On Monday,March 4th the North Side Greens turned out in support of AFSCME and other groups protesting closure by the City of Chicago of its entire network of community mental health centers. Members joined marchers at two north side locations, visiting offices of two aldermen, Moore and Moreno.

Anniversary: First Woman in US Congress

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On March 4, 1917 Jeannette Rankin became the first woman elected to the US Congress. The Congresswoman was a life-long pacifist, and held the distinction of being the only member of Congress to oppose US entry into both World War I and World War II.

During the Vietnam War she organized the Jeannette Rankin Brigade, which marched against the war.

Ms. Rankin grew up on a ranch in Montana. She became a suffragette, and was a life long crusader for human rights, civil rights and grassroots democracy.

Anniversary of Greensboro Sit-ins

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On February 1, 1960, sit-ins began in Greensboro, North Carolina. Protesters occupied a Woolworth's lunch counter which refused to serve African-Americans. The effort was ultimately successful.

Save the Date - Save the Day!

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Strengthen our economy. Do your shopping at independent business in our neighborhoods. The event takes place on Saturday, November 26, 2011.

Veterans Day Reflection

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Should we apologize for dropping the bomb? It would help if we did not involve or nations veterans. They were not responsible for nuclear decisions. John la Forge of Wisconsin based Nukewatch
reflects on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Supreme Court Ruling: Native Americans Not US Citizens

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Today is the 127th anniversary of Elk v Wilkins. The US Supreme Court ruled on this date, November 3, that Native Americans were not citizens of the United States. The case was first filed in 1880 by John Elk, a Native American who had been prevented from registering to vote by Charles Wilkins, a voter registrar in Omaha, Nebraska.

It was not until the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924 that Native Americans finally regained citizenship.

Analysis of Fukushima Damage: Reactor top missing?

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Chris Martenson has submitted an analysis of the extent of damage to the Fukushima nuclear reactor complex in Japan. The damage is evidently much worse than the mainstream media are willing to admit. There are links to high resolution photos of the damaged reactors.

Massive Japan Earthquake Threatens Reactors

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A massive earthquake in the Pacific followed by a tsunami may have damaged a nuclear power complex operated by Tokyo Electric Power Corporation (TEPCO). The complex, Fukushima Daiichi, is located on the coast, northeast of Tokyo.