Media Literacy Education

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Myths, Democracy, & Tools for Media Literacy Education Forum
, starts Saturday, June 2. This event is aimed at parents, teachers, and those who are concerned by the monopolization of knowlege in the hands of the elites. Registration is at 10:00 am. The event takes place at 1000 North Milwaukee, Chicago. (American Friends Service Committee.)

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Okayed

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Today is the 20th anniversary of US ratification of the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights. The US has not fully implemented the Covenant's provisions. The Obama Administration reserves the right to kill civilians including US citizens without benefit of trial. President Obama is reported to have personally signed off on individual killings.

Poor Neighborhoods from Space: Few Shade Trees

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Grist has a story about poverty as seen from space. Poor neighborhoods have fewer shade trees, less ground cover than do their wealthier counterparts.

Austerity Hits Illinois: Retirees, poor make "sacrifices"

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Years of tax cutting and corruption have eroded government finances in Illinois: The state has one of the lowest corporate tax loads in the nation. Still, an increase in corporate tax rates remains off the table.

UN War Crimes Tribunal Anniversary

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Wednesday, May 25, is the 19th anniversary of the establishment of the International Criminal Court.

Mo and Gloves aren't there to help get your car started.

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According to reports, Occupy Chicago screened numerous pictures and now have identified photos of "Mo" and "Gloves," suspected members of the Chicago Police Department's Red Squad. The two are said to have entrapped several NATO protesters as "terrorists.". The photos can be found here. The North Side Greens are relying on the work of others, but in the absence of a convincing denial from Rahm Emmanuel, common sense suggests we assume the report is true.

School Segregation Ban

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Tuesday, May 17, is the 58th anniversary of Brown vs Board of Education, which outlawed racial segregation in American Schools. By 1954, Illinois had already banned the practice.

Political Meaning of NATO "Terror" Plot

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Monday began with Catholic Workers declaring a "Week Without Capitalism" to end on the following Monday, when NATO left Chicago.

To kick off the event they picketed Barack Obama's campaign HQ. Chicago Police responded furiously, arresting a number of Catholic Workers and stopping cars with out of state plates in Chicago neighborhoods. By Thursday they had arrested eleven more, charging them with "terrorism."

Federal Judge Bars Imprisonment Without Trial as Congress Ponders Repeal

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A Federal Judge has barred implementation of a law permitting the military to imprison US citizens without trial. The law, the National Defense Authorization Act, was signed by President Obama in 2011.

Congress is now considering repeal.

Nukewatch Leader Saturday

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John LaForge, of Nukewatch, will be talking to Catholic Workers and others, on Saturday, May 19, at 9:00 am. Greens are invited.

The topic will be NATO nuclear weapons in Europe, and will include slides and discussion afterward.

The event takes place at 1447 West Superior, in Chicago.

Later, at 1:45 pm, LaForge will participate in a panel discussion hosted by NATO Free Future, at the People's Church, 941 W. Lawrence Avenue, Chicago.

Noam Chomsky Endorses NATO Protest

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As reported by Chicago Indy Media, scholar Noam Chomsky endorsed Chicago's anti-NATO protest.

Catholic Workers Declare "Week Without Capitalism"

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On Monday Catholic Worker groups declared a "Week Without Capitalism." To kick off the event, they picketed Obama Campaign Headquarters in Chicago.

North Side Greens Endorse Retiree Benefits

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At the North Side Greens meeting held April 19, 2012 the following resolution was adopted unanimously:

"Retired State, County, and Municipal employees earned their pension benefits, including cost of living and health care, during the years they worked. Now government is obligated to make good on promises made to employees. There is plenty of money available. Illinois needs to begin taxing corporations."

Gunderson: Prompt Criticality Incident at Fukushima 3 - Important!

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An extremely important video about Fukushima is online at Fairwinds Associates. To view it click here."

Shadow Stats: 22.3% April Unemployment

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In April, unemployment stood at 22.3% (paywall), according to an independent firm specializing in economic statistics.

Methods used to calculate US Government economic statistics change periodically, permitting the government to report the most favorable estimate of a given measure.

CISPA and the Surveillance State

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An excellent story on CISPA and on the issue of domestic surveillance generally appeared on Democracy Now!"

Bill to Strip Retirees of Health Coverage Passed

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A bill to strip retired state employees of paid health coverage has now passed both houses of the Illinois State Legislature, and will go to Governor Quinn for signature. Employees had worked for years under contracts promising 100% retirement health coverage in return for completion of 20 or more years of service. The employees had accepted below market pay in exchange for better retirement packages.

Rahm Emmanuel Cites Bogus Math in Move Against Retirees

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In a surprise move Tuesday, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel appeared in Springfield to urge the State General Assembly to freeze Chicago Retirees cost of living increases for a period of 10 years.

People's Summit, May 12, 13 2012

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A two day People's Summit will happen in Chicago on May 12 and 13. The North Side Greens are on record as opposing the NATO Summit. Greens prefer People's Summits instead.

Registration is at 9:00 am. The Summit begins at 10:00 am, Saturday, May 12, at 500 West Cermak.

UN Report Calls for Return of Land to Native Americans

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A UN report written by James Anaya will call for return of some lands to Native Americans.

Anay is a United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. He has been charged with monitoring compliance with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples