Atomic Bomb Anniversary

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Monday, July 16, is the anniversary of the first nuclear explosion. near Alamagordo, New Mexico. The device was code named Trinity.

Retired Judge Files Lawsuit against Health Care Takeback

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Gordon Maag, a retired appellate Court Judge, has filed a lawsuit against the State of Illinois. The State Legislature recently passed legislation stripping retirees of paid health insurance. Under the new law, retirees will be required to pay for health coverage. Payments will be based on a sliding, needs-based payment schedule.

Henry Thoreau Birthday

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July 12 is the birthday of Henry David Thoreau. He spent much of his life opposing slavery and war.

Obama Admin Pushing Nuke Enrichment

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A highly controversial uranium enrichment process is set to get the green light as the Obama administration pushes ahead with their plans to increase US reliance on nuclear power. Nature carried the story in the July 5 edition, raising the specter of widespread nuclear proliferation using easily available off-the-shelf components.

Nuclear Forest Fires

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It's been more than 26 years since the Soviet Union's ultra-modern nuclear complex at Chernobyl exploded. The danger has not gone away. Authorities now worry about forest fires. The trees around Chernobyl - hundreds of square miles of forest - are dangerously radioactive. If these trees catch fire, dangerous levels of radioactive smoke and ash will contaminate farm lands and residential communities downwind.

Poll: Public opposes pension take backs

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The Chicago Tribune, Democrat Mike Madigan, Republican Tom Cross, and their allies, including the Chicago Tribune and the corporate sponsored Civic Federation have spent many months preparing the public to accept termination of public retiree pension rights. A new poll published in the June 25 edition of Crain's Chicago Business indicates that Illinois residents don't buy it.

Global trade causing species loss

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There have been five great extinction events in geologic history. A sixth extinction event is now under way. This one is caused by global trade, not natural catastrophe.

For years Greens and other progressives have fought against the spread of globalization. The effort has at times seemed hopeless. Green opposition has been based on economic principles, but the Party has always maintained that industrial nations such as the US were exporting pollution and ecosystem destruction to developing economies.

Juneteenth observed this weekend

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Juneteenth will be observed this weekend, by the West Side Historical Society.

CORE: Congress of Racial Equality

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Friday, June 15, is the 70th anniversary of the founding in Chicago of CORE, the Congress of Racial Equality.

Obama seeks to evade court order

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In late May the Obama Administration sought to evade a Federal court order forbidding the use of the military to seize and imprison US nationals without trial. Obama wished to limit the order to the original plaintiffs only.

Big Sand Mound open for tour

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The Big Sand Mound Nature Preserve in Iowa will be opened to the public for a limited time. The preserve is normally closed to visitors, but escorted tours will be permitted for a limited time.

City funds diverted from pensions?

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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, wants to divert $5.1 million in City funds to help a private corporation build a new Hyatt Place hotel in Hyde Park.

In May the Mayor called for a freeze of pension benefits promised to police, firefighters, teachers, and other retirees, citing lack of money.

Pension battle continues

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Locked into commitments to corporate elites, the Illinois legislature continues a desperate battle with the state's teachers and other retirees, who are being asked to shoulder the burden.

Tell them to go to hell!

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Author Ray Bradbury once enunciated his formula for a successful life: "If someone tells you to do something for money, tell them to go to hell!"

Bradbury died Tuesday night. He was 91.

Tuesday is World Environment Day

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012 is World Environment Day, as designated by the United Nations Environmental Program. There are six priority areas:

  • Environmental governance
  • Harmful substances and hazardous waste
  • Resource efficiency
  • Disasters and conflicts
  • Ecosystem Management
  • Climate change

Greens in Fracking Battle

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Last week, Chicago area greens were involved in a battle to stop fracking in downstate Illinois.

Fracking is a process involving use of high pressure liquids and toxic chemicals to fracture oil and natural gas bearing rock formations deep underground. At present there are no restrictions on fracking in the State of Illinois. There is widespread community opposition to fracking, and a measure to ban fracking could easily garner public support.

Native Americans Granted Citizenship

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Saturday, June 2 is the 88th anniversary of Native American citizenship. For most of our nation's history, Native Americans were not allowed citizenship, although they gained legal recognition as human beings in the late 1800's.

Green Site Upgrades

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The North Side Greens web site will be taken down briefly on Sunday morning at 1:00 am. The goal is to improve security and to make the site more accessible to members.

Big Tax Break for Super-Rich

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Powerful forces are getting ready for an all-out push to extend Bush era tax cuts for America's wealthiest. The June 1 AFSCME Legislative Report estimates that the extension would put $366 billion dollars into the pockets of the upper crust.

Casting Retiree Pension Plans Adrift

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A bipartisan attempt to engineer a default on teacher and government-employee pension plans failed Thursday night. The Illinois House deadlocked on SB1673.