Video: Texas State Troopers Body Cavity Search Two Women

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In a shocking video, Texas State Troopers are seen performing full body cavity searches on two women who were stopped for throwing a cigarette butt from their car.

The incident occurred in July. The women were driving to Oklahoma. At one point, such searches would have been constitutionally prohibited anywhere in the US. Of late, constitutional niceties are being more and more frequently disregarded.

Former Green Candidate Cynthia McKinney Detained Again

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Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who ran for President under the Green Party banner, was detained again October 16. McKinney was purged by Democrats after serving six terms in Congress. Among other things, McKinney had incurred the enmity of the power industry for her opposition to nukes. Her run for president took place in 2008 She has now apparently been targeted for "random" screenings. She was returning from Pakistan.

NS Greens Turnout to Support Government Employees

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Thursday, December 13, was the kickoff for Pat Quinn's gubernatorial re-election campaign. Quinn, a Democrat, is building his campaign around opposition to collective bargaining and European-style austerity.

Rosa Parks Anniversary

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Today, December 1st, is the anniversary of the day Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat in the bus.

Energy Report No Cause for Celebration

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A recent report by the International Energy predicts the US may become the world's leading oil producer. The report is being spun as good news by conservatives, but in fact the report contains an ominous warning.

The US may become the world's leading oil producer only because production by other nations, including Saudia Arabia and Russia may collapse. The result will be a world with huge shortfalls in energy production.

Panel on Fracking

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We are being inundated with advertising from various corporate interests about the benefits of fracking. America will become energy independent, the ads promise. We will become an oil exporter and heat our homes with inexpensive natural gas. Fracking is a controversial process of injecting toxic chemicals deep under ground. We never hear from fracking's critics. Now there is a chance to hear from the other side.

City Retirees Healthcare Cuts

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Retired City of Chicago employees may face loss of health coverage effective July 1, 2013. The Municipal Employees' Annuity and Benefit Fund of Chicago is warning retirees to be "prudent" until the full impact of any changes is known.

Governor Quinn urges families to talk to retirees over Thanksgiving dinner

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Illinois Governor Quinn and his allies in the Illinois State Legislature are urging the families of retired teachers and other state and local government employees to talk to them over Thanksgiving dinner about giving up part of their pensions.

Obama Defers Action on Global Warming

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In a press conference held 8 days after re-election to a second term, President Obama finally revealed his views on global warming.

The president plans to speak to scientists and others to learn their views on the issue. Beyond speaking to scientists, the White House will take no concrete steps until the present economic depression ends.

The news came as no surprise to Greens, who had supported environmentalist Jill Stein for president.

Which is bigger outsourcer, Obama or Romney?

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Obama is attacking Romney for outsourcing American jobs.

Lost in the uproar is Obama's abysmal record of outsourcing. No Mention is made of his broken promise to renegotiate NAFTA, for example

Green Presidential Candidate Arrested at Debate

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Jill Stein, the Green Party presidential candidate was arrested just prior to the October 16 National Presidential debate. Candidates Romney and Obama went ahead without her. She was released shortly after the debates ended.

Harsher Treatment Urged for Homeowners: Study

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According Mary Ellen Podmolik (Chicago Tribune), a new study by researchers at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae suggests harsher treatment for families facing foreclosure would be best for the the rest of us. The rules as they stand now are fairly harsh already. The new study concludes this isn't enough, as many families manage to remain in their homes for extended periods. Some manage to avoid foreclosure entirely.

British Threaten to Storm Ecuadorian Embassy

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According to this report by the BBC, The British Government has threatened to storm the Ecuadorian Embassy if Australian whistleblower Julian Assange is granted political asylum. The Obama administration is upset because his organization, Wikileaks, has released numbers of classified US documents.

Prickly City Attacks Obama Rights Stance

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Prickly City took on the Obama Administration Sunday. At issue was the Administration's claimed right to execute persons accused of "terrorism" - including citizens - without trial. The cartoon appeared in Section 9, page 12 of the August 12 edition of the Chicago Tribune.

Anniversary Nagasaki Bomb

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August 9, 1945 is the anniversary of the the nuclear bombing of Nagasaki by the United States. In August the Air Force had already published an RFP for development of the Snark intercontinental cruise missile. The Snark was designed to carry a thermonuclear warhead.

Ben Joravski: City Sitting on Billion $$$ Surplus

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Chicago isn't broke, says Ben Joravsky, simply mismanaged. The City has been cutting back on education, libraries, health services and other essential functions, while refusing to fund retiree pensions. There is no money, according to City Hall. According to Joravsky, this simply isn't true. The City has as much as $1 billion hidden away.

Hiroshima Anniversary

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Monday, August 6, is the anniversary of the first use of a nuclear weapon in war. The city of Hiroshima was destroyed, along with much of its civilian population.

Green Party Presidential Ticket Jailed

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The Green Party's presidential ticket was jailed Wednesday, after joining homeowners picketing Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. The demonstrators were seeking relief for families facing foreclosure through no fault of their own. Jill Stein and her running mate Cheri Honkala joined the demonstrators and were arrested.

Although many families are underwater on their mortgages and now face foreclosure. Obama and Romney, the two conservative candidates, have so far shown only token interest.

Gore Vidal: 1925 - 2012

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Gore Vidal passed away on Wednesday. American Leftist has a story.

Anniversary War Crimes Tribunal Okayed - Despite US Opposition

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Tuesday, July 17, is the anniversary of the Statute of Rome, which established the International War Crimes Tribunal. The US under Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama opposed the Tribunal. Green Party candidates have always pledged to support the treaty.