Equal Pay Demonstration

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Terri O'Neal, President of NOW, and Congresswoman Jan Shakowski, will be featured speakers at a rally and demonstration for equal pay Thursday.

The event takes place in Daley Center Plaza at noon Thusday.

Karen Lewis Speaks Out

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Karen Lewis, outspoken president of the Chicago Teachers Union, will speak at Northeastern University Wednesday, April 3rd, at 12:00 pm.

The event takes place in room 1002, Lech Wallensa Hall. The talk will be open to all, students, faculty, staff, and comminity, free of charge.

Wikileaks Links Petraeus - Torture Centers

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An investigative report on DemocracyNow! links Wikileaks documents to
a network of torture centers
funded by the US government.

DemocracyNow! used Wikileaks documents as the starting point for their investigation. The North Side Greens were curious to know how much involvement the present administration had in the affair.

CISPA Returns

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The Daily Kos reports that House Republicans have reintroduced the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). Tbe bill has been designed to nullify privacy rights guaranteed under the US Constitution.

The above link to the Daily Kos story will give readers an opportunity to petition President Obama to veto the Bill. The North Side Greens long ago went on record as opposing CISPA.

Cook County Must Pay in 1st Amendment Violations

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An Illinois law criminalizing recording of police activity by citizens has for some time been held unconstitutional by the courts. That hasn't stopped local authorities from prosecuting citizens.

Now Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez has been ordered to pay $650,000 to the ACLU. The County Board will have to appropriate the money. They can't be very happy.

Ann Sheetz Talks About Single Payer Health Care

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AFSCME Retirees North will hear Dr. Ann Sheetz talk about Single Payer Health coverage. Sheetz is with Physicians for a National Health Program. The event takes place on Wednesday, 11:00 am, at Ruby Tuesday, Skokie. Retirees and their friends are welcome.

SEC Pension Fraud

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Illinois' fraudulent misrepresentation of the health of its pension funds has resulted in an out of court settlement with the SEC.

The state remains unwilling to make up shortfalls, insisting that retirees should accept cuts in benefits.

Women's History Project: Teachers Tasked

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The Women's History Project will host "Taking Teachers to Task" on Saturday, March 16.

Click here for details.

AFL-CIO: Sequester Benefits Wealthy

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Why is there a Sequester? The AFL-CIO takes a look at who benefits. Just one progressive tax proposal would have made the sequester unnecessary. The catch? The wealthy would have to pay.

Fukushima Anniversary

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On Monday, March 11 the Greens mark the 2nd anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Three core meltdowns took place, along with criticality incidents in spent fuel pools.

Wealth Inequality

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The topic is wealth inequality. Want to know where you stand?

View this six minute film. We think you'll have a hard time getting this one out of your mind.

Benedict as Progressive - Common Good Forum

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John Gehrer, Program Director Faith in Public Life, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, says that the legacy of outgoing Pope Benedict is surprisingly progressive.

The Pope's opposition to abortion and gay marriage has led many to classify him as an arch-conservative. Benedict's positions on environment, social justice, and economic issues place him "to the left of most Democrats in Congress," according to Gehring.

Fracking Bill Introduced in Springfield

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An industry sponsored fracking bill has just been introduced in the Illinois General Assembly. Sponsors of HB2615 include several north, northwest, and suburban Democrats.

Ira Silverstein Sponsors Bill to Muzzle Internet

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State Senator Ira Silverstein, 8th District Democrat, has introduced a bill to muzzle dissent on the Internet.

North Side Greens Site Upgrade

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The Chicago North Side Greens web site has been undergoing renovations. The changes will bring new functionality for vistors and members. Your patience is appreciated.

"The level of trust is zero!" Retirees Tell Steans, Cassidy, Gainer, Osterman

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On January 18 a meeting community meeting called by Rodgers Park's political establishment went badly awry. The event took place St. Andrews Greek Orthodox Church on Sheridan.

Alderman Osterman, Commissioner Gaines, State Senator Steans, and State Rep Kelly Cassidy called the meeting. They hoped to garner public support for a plan to reduce pension benefits to active and retired government employees.

Mayor Rebuffs Trib Problem Solver - Seeks to Tear Up Green Teacher- Activist's Monarch Haven

{ Submitted by Kathy Cummings on Wed, 2012-12-26 17:59 }

Hi, all you native plant lovers,

We met with attorney Nancy Rich, Wed., Dec. 19th. Her first thought was to advise me to pay the $640 fine and she'd develop a game plan to change the weed regulation pro bono. She took all my papers, notes, and CD of the hearing. She said they'd be copied and messengered back to me.

I haven't heard back from her or received my papers, notes, CD, yet. On the CD, we'll hear the judge say, "in my experience, that is a weed!"

Non Sequitur on Class War

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Non Sequitur's December 23 strip has a really warped take on class warfare.

New Jersey: 16 year old arrested for drawing pictures of guns

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A 16 year old student at Cedar Creek High School in New Jersey was arrested for drawing pictures of guns in his school notebook. Police searched the 16 year old's home and found electronics and materials which could be mixed together to cause an explosion.

Former Green State Rep Candidate Fined for Growing Native Plants

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Environmentalist Kathy Cummings, the former Green Party nominee for State Representative in the 4th District, was recently fined for growing native plants in her own yard.

In 2006 Cummings earned the emnity of the Chicago Machine. She tried to run for State Representative against the 4th District incumbant. Democrat Cynthia Soto, a Mike Madigan loyalist, was said to have been promised an unopposed run as a reward for toeing the Democratic line. Cummings challenged Soto nonetheless.