Green State Party Meets

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The Illinois Green Party held a state-wide meeting over the weekend. The event, which was open to all members, took place at the United Electrical Workers Hall (UE) on Ashland Ave. Attendees were treated to an opportunity to see UE's historic murals. The State Green Party held a series educational and decision making sessions.

Fracking Demystified

{ Submitted by wesler1 on Tue, 2013-10-15 14:50 } has a story demystifying fracking. Fracking is an enviromentally destructive process for extracting oil from shale, a dense rock composed mainly of fossilized mud.

The Achiles heel of the fracking process is its high depletion rate. Oil wells created by fracking start drying up within a year or two.

Fracking is an expensive process. The costs of fracking combined with the short life span of the wells keeps gas prices high.

IMF Ponders Taxing Savings

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Reports are surfacing that the IMF may urge EU members to tax savings accounts. The proposed one time tax on deposits would set at 10% of account balance.

Impact of the new tax would fall primarily on working and middle class families. The wealthy would also be taxed, but since their assets are more diversified, the impact would be much less.

Is Libya a "Failed State?"

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The Greens have been aware for a long time that much of what appears in our mainstream press seems consists to consist of press releases copied verbatum from government and corporate sources. Much of the rest seems to consist of fairy tales.

A story recently published in Oil Price News caught

our attention.

Federal Research Labs Save Millions

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Federal research labs are saving millions with an innovative approach to computing based on open source software.

It's called Scientific Linux. It's an alternative to Microsoft Windows which was developed right here in Illinois. It's available free of charge to the public.

Already, 140,000 people are using it. The State of Illinois, Cook County Government, and the City of Chicago are not among those saving money. . .

Obamacare Exchanges in Rough Start Up

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Obamacare, more properly known as the Affordable Care Act, started operating a nationwide network of exchanges on October 1.

So far the system doesn't appear to be functioning very well. The problem appears to be political. Millions of Americans are blocked from completing an application for health coverage. The program logic which operates the Exchanges doesn't know how to deal with people who are officially considered not part of the work force.

Nonproliferation Treaty Signed

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On this date in 1994 the US and China signed a nonproliferation treaty.

Looting Pension Funds

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Writing in Rolling Stone, Matt Taibbi focuses on "pension reform." Read Looting the Pension Funds in the September 26 Rolling Stone.

Pacific Trade Partnership

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A powerpoint presentation on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) took place Monday. Josh Wise, Executive Director, Illinois Fair Trade Coalition was the presenter. The hall at Loyola Park was filled standing room only.

US Intervention Opposed

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At their Wednesday meeting, the North Side Greens hammered out a formal position statement in opposition to Obama Administration proposals for war in Syria.

The Assad regime is accused of using chemical arms in violation of international law.The Obama Administration wants to initiate a war on syria in response. There are now millions of refugees, according to the administration, and war is the only answer.

Northside Greens Mull Nerve Gas Response

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Members of the North Side Greens have been discussing possible responses to reports that the Syrian government has used nerve gas on its own people.

Note: The North Side Greens will be discussing an alternative response at their next scheduled meeting, Wednesday, September 9, 2013. - Admin.

Protest Planned for August 8

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The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is backed by some of the largest corporations in the US. Their agenda is that of the extreme right: privatization, attacks on the EPA, an end to retirement security. They are meeting in Chicago on Thursday, August 8.

AFSCME, teachers, community people, retirees plan to be there. They'll be carrying picket signs. The North Side Greens will be there too. The event starts at 12:00 noon, at the Palmer House, 17 East Monroe.

Pope Francis: Who am I to judge?

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Pope Francis has just up-ended the entire discussion on gay rights. "Who am I to judge?" he asked.

Snowden's Father Appeals to Obama to Call Off Manhunt

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Calling US surveillance programs "Orwellian," whistle-blower Edward Snowden's father has appealed to President Obama to call off the manhunt.

Family Friendly Economics

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A problem with much of the debate about economic problems is that the needs and realities of middle class families are ignored. Here is a story about family friendly economics.

California Energy Diplomacy

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Tom Hayden has a story about Jerry Brown's Energy Diplomacy.

While the US seeks to project power in the oil-rich South China Sea, California is pushing for a race to conserve energy. Brown is seeking to persuade both US and China to move in the direction of sustainability.

97% Scientific Consensus: Global Warming Man Made

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A majority of the US public believe that scientists do not agree on the causes of global warming. Among scientists who are involved in researching climate, the opposite view prevails.

A new paper shows a 97% consensus among working scientists that global warming is caused by human activity.

Greek Public Broadcasting Shutdown in Austerity Battle

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A report has surfaced that Greek public radio and television have been shut down. The Greek government is reportedly angry because the stations aired criticism of the governments's austerity policies.

Austerity policies were imposed on the Greek government by the European Central Bank and the IMF as a condition of bailout loans.

State Legislature Adjourns with Retiree Pensions Still Intact

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The Illinois State Legislature adjourned on May 19 without taking action to reduce the pensions of retired civil servants. A special conference committee was established to look at competing proposals. The committee's job, as they understand it, will be to determine which proposal leaves retirees with the lowest overall income. Short shrift for any constructive proposal.

Green Iron

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New research into a very old technology could bring hope in the battle to avert global warming. The work was done by researchers from MIT and the University of Illinois, and it could produce major changes in manufacturing technology. They have discovered a better way to produce high quality steel. The new process produces zero green house emissions, and could lower production costs.

Conventional iron production involves production of coke from coal. Enormous quantities of carbon dioxide as well toxic by-products result, a problem Greens have long recognized.