Problems with Biomass Stove Project

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The work of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves has for some time been a source of hope to Greens and other progressives. The project, it was thought, could help curb desertification, curb greenhouse emissions in developing countries, and improve the lives and health of many millions.

Chicago Greens Host Tar Sands Presentation

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On Sunday the Chicago Greens hosted a presentation on the Alberta Tar Sands. "We want to make NWP-12 a household word," presenter Debra Michaud told the audience. NWP-12 stands for Nation Wide Permit, an alternate to the stalled Keystone pipeline. The Obama administration has been pushing hard get NWP-12 completed. Michaud's group, Tar Sands Free Midwest, has been fighting the Obama administration Tar Sands policy.

Chicago Park District Pension Cutback Becomes Law?

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Without fanfare SB1523 has apparently become law. SB1523 was a bill to reduce pensions for employees and retires of the Chicago Park District. The bill, which was delivered to Governor Quinn's office in November, put Quinn on the spot. SEIU Local 73 had asked Quinn to veto SB1523. SEIU was one of Quinn's strongest allies in the last election. Signing the bill was certain to alienate SEIU. A veto would have alienated the business community.

State Retirees File Over Pension Cuts

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The Pantagraph, a downstate daily, is reporting that a group representing retired State employees has filed suit to block "pension reform" legislation recently signed by Illinois Governor Quinn.

Teachers Sue State Over Pension Cuts

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Crains reports that retired teachers and school principals have filed a class action lawsuit in Cook County Cicuit Court. The suit seeks to block unilateral pension reductions imposed by the State of Illinois.

Bad News on Shale Oil

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Tom Whipple, writing in the Falls Church News-Press, reports very bad news for those who pin their hopes on solving America's energy crises through fracking. In short, it's never going to happen.

Krugman on Inequality

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Paul Krugman's recent column on the economic effects of inequality is important. It explains why our elected representatives insist on following policies opposed by the overwhelming majority of their constituents.

CO-TRAVELOR: Your 1st & 4th Amendment Rights at Stake

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A long running point of dispute between Greens and Democrats has been protection of basic constitutional liberties. Now the Electronic Frontier Foundation is covering yet another outrage committed by the Obama Administration. In a program designed to nullify 1st Amendment rights of association and 4th Amendment privacy rights, the NSA maintains 24 hour surveillance on virtually every American.

Illinois Pensioners Lose: Retirement Money Awarded to ADM, other Corporations

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The Illinois State Legislature voted Tuesday to strip the State's retirees of a large portion of their retirement savings. The money will be apportioned to the states corporations, most of which pay no taxes.

The retirees must make ends meet on what is left to them. The state's Austerity program, drawn up by Democrats, will reduce pensions in annual increments. The average retiree will see his or her earnings drop by 80%.

Price Drop Sparks GOP Battle Over Solar

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Democrats and Republics been reluctant to commit to more than token efforts to switch to renewable energy. "More research is needed," they will say. Meanwhile price drops have made wind energy cheaper than gas, coal, or nukes. Now solar power too, spurred by technological and manufacturing advances, has also become competitive. Price per megawatt hour has dropped 40%.

Obamacare Applicant Partway Through

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On October 10 the Northside Greens reported on the difficulties experienced by an applicant for Obamacare. The Greens had been trying to help him navigate through , the website which takes applications for Obamacare in most states, including our own.

EPIC Internet kill Switch Ruling

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A Federal court has found in favor of the EPIC challenge to the Internet Kill Swich. This issue is considered of key importance to the Obama administration, which moved to gain control of the Internet three weeks after taking power.

Bernie Sanders Wants the Wealthy to Pay Their Taxes

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US Senator Bernie Sanders is very nearly the only progressive in Congress. He has put forward a novel proposal which would go far toward resolving our nation's budgetary problems. Sanders wants the wealthy to begin paying taxes.

Income inequality in the United States is at a record high, he observes, and asking rich people to pay their share would help erase the Federal deficit. It's part of his Progressive Budget Blueprint.

Tracking Down the missing $100 Billion

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Illinois has been locked in a battle between so called "pension reformers" and the state's retired first responders, teachers, and civil servants.

Squeezy Rescues Paul Vallas

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The press is reporting that newly fired Bridgeton School Superintendent Paul Vallas has been rescued by Illinois Governor Quinn.

Quinn who has been battling the his state's retired teachers, first responders, and civil servants, invited Vallas to serve as his Lieutenant Governor, replacing Sheila Simon, a liberal Democrat. The invitation come hours after a coalition of teachers, unions, and liberal Democrats forced Vallas out of his job as Superintendent of the Bridgeton school system.

Liberal Democrats, Unions Revolt in Bridgeton, NJ

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Paul Vallas, Chicago's union bucking, privatizing ex-Superintendent of Schools, who was forced to resign from the Chicago job in the face of public discontent, has apparently been fired once again. Once again, the problem was public anger at his performance driving an insurgency spearheaded by liberal Democrats. The revolt took place in Bridgeton, New Jersey, where Vallas had once again been pushing for charter schools.

Progressive Caucus Hearing Targets Emmanuel

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Chicago's conservative mayor came under fire at an open hearing held by the City Council Progressive Caucus. The meeting was held at UE Hall on Ashland. Attendees were critical of the City's treatment of retirees, schools, community health centers, and libraries.

AFSCME Council 31
members were well represented, along with community people, teachers, and Greens.

Fukushima Test Well Radioactivity UP 6500% in 24 Hours

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According to Fairwinds, RT has aired a story about a test well in Fukushima. Radioactivity is said to have spiked 6,500% in just 24 hours. The fear is that these leaks are contaminating the Pacific. If the report is accurate, it's only a matter of of weeks before the contamination reaches the US.

Herman Daly's Top 10 Policies for Sustainability

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Herman Daly lists his top 10 policies for a sustainable world. The North Side Greens note that Daley is 75. At his age, he might be forgiven if he were a little behind the times. He's not. Daly's views are considered cutting edge.

Obamacare Web Site Crashed on Sunday

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Obamacare's national web site crashed Sunday. Obamacare is a mostly privatized system of health insurance, intended to be the centerpiece of the Obama Administration. National Health, the alternative which the Greens favored, would have been much simpler to implement.