Ebola Controversies

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The Ebola crises is a battle over the government’s failures.

We didn’t enact National Health, insisting for ideological reasons on a privatized scheme. Obamacare isn’t working very well. The billing clerk’s judgement outweighs that of the clinicians, and a dying Ebola patient is sent home with a bottle of antibiotics.

Nukewatch Quarterly: Big Leukemia Surge for Nuclear Neighbors

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The Fall edition of Nukewatch Quarterly has a story about an alarming surge in childhood leukemia among children living near nuclear reactors. Greens oppose nuclear power for a number of reasons. This is just one more.

What happened to Peak Oil

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In the 1950's, petroleum geologist M. King Hubbert predicted that production of conventional oil would peak and then decline gradually over time. Hubbert believed the consequences of peak oil would be catastrophic for the human race. He hoped the advent of cheap nuclear power would save mankind.

Transmission Lines for Wind

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Greens and other environmentalists have always understood that global warming cannot be stopped unless the world's dependence on fossile fuels can be ended. Now there is a promising local project in the works to bring renewable energy to Chicago.

Thirty thousand kids go missing in Chicago Public Schools

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Fred Klonsky has a story about 30,000 kids missing from the Chicago Public schools. Published numbers, based on CPS first ten days, seem to show a huge drop in enrollments. CPS is reimbursed for daily attendance, so 30 thousand missing kids could mean huge losses for the City of Chicago.

Unions ask City to reclaim $800 million lost in toxic swaps

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Local unions in Chicago have asked the City to take action now to reclaim $800 million in City funds lost in risky speculation. The City, it is said, had invested public funds in Interest Rate Swaps (IRS). An IRS is a kind of >derivative.

Energy Production Lies

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According to Gail the Actuary, most of the hype about improving US energy production is false. The government has redefined "crude oil" to make it appear that the US is on a production uptick. In reality, the situation is precarious.

State Will Appeal if Retirees Win Favorable Pension Case Ruling

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The State Journal Register reports that Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan will appeal if the Sangamon County Circuit Court upholds a challenge to recently enacted pension reductions for State retirees and employees. A recent ruling by the Illinois State Supreme Court overturned reductions in retiree health care benefits and a preliminary order has been issued in that case.

Retirees Win Round

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Thousands of retired Illinois teachers, civil servants, and university staff will soon be seeing their health coverage deductions cut in half.

Green Court Ruling

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A decision is expected on whether to issue injunctive relief in the Illinois Green Party's ballot access lawsuit. On Wednesday, US. District Court Judge John Tharp heard oral arguments in the case. The Greens accuse the Illinois State Board of Elections of attempting to suppress political dissent, in violation of the 1st and 14th Amendments to the US Constitution. The ruling is set for August 21.

Retirees May Be Making Progress

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Until 2012, State employees were guaranteed paid healthcare when they retired. They had to meet certain conditions, of course, 20 years service meant free healthcare for life, but most worked far longer than 20 years. In 2012 the State cancelled this provision, erasiing a benefit many employees and retirees had already earned by contributing years of work.

What follows is excerpted from an E-mail sent to SUAA members. The benefit won back will apply to thousands of others, not just university retirees:

Sun Times Supports Ballot Access

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The Chicago Sun Times on Saturday published an editorial calling upon the State Board of Election to drop its opposition to ballot access for third party candidates. According to the Times, two opposition groups, the Green and Constitution Parties, have been banned and efforts are under way to remove the Libertarian Party as well.

A Useful Idiot

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On Monday, Carol Marin hosted a discussion of "pension reform" legislation. No Democrats were present, even though current pension reduction legislation has been largely written and sponsored by Democrats.

Current Inning Cancelled

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In re Kanerva v Weems, the State Supreme Court sided with senior citzens. There will be more. This is just a time out not a rain out.

Green Lawsuit Seeks Freedom of Political Association

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On Thursday, July 15, Illinois Greens filed a lawsuit against the Illinois State Board of Elections. As of the 2014 primary, only 18% of Illinois Citizens belonged to either Democratic or Republican Parties. This is unfair, say the Greens, because other political viewpoints are not represented in the electoral process.

Heartland Climate Mis-information

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The Heartland Institute, a right-wing think tank,has made public a report casting doubt on global warming.

The report was soon debunked by none other than Forbes Magazine.

Managing Local Climate

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Research recently published in Nature sheds light on the phenomenon of urban heat islands. Cities tend to be warmer than surrounding countryside, and this can have adverse effects on human health. The effect is greater at midnight than it is at noon. During Chicago summers, the wind often stops at night, forcing householders to endure the heat or crank up the air conditioning. Power failures are not uncommon.

Retirees Win Major Victory in Illinois Healthcare Dispute

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Retired government employees in Illinois have just won a major victory against the State's Democratic Quinn administration. The Illinois State Supreme Supreme Court ruled six to one that reduction of previously earned retiree health coverage was a violation of the Illinois State Constitution.

Greens Slate Candidates - Face Legal Barriers

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Illinois Democrats are challenging the Green Party's statewide slate, filed June 23. Greens are not an established political party, according to the State Board of elections, and have failed to submit sufficient petition signatures to win re-instatement under State rules. The State had dissolved the Illinois Green Party following the 2010 gubernatorial election. In that election Greens had angered Democrats by attempting to unseat Pat Quinn, the Democratic incumbent.

Fetal Stem Cell Revival?

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Writing in Nature, Alison Abbott, comments on the lifting of a ten year moratorium on fetal stem cell research. The moratorium had been imposed after reports surfaced of adverse reactions on the part of patients, and on lingering doubts about unresolved ethical issues. According to Abbott, use of fetal stem cells may be abandoned in favor of induced stem cells derived from the patient's own tissues.