Research: Call for Halt in Search for Oil, Gas, Coal Reserves

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A research report published in Nature calls for a halt to all further fossil fuel exploration and and a ban on extraction of most existing coal, oil, and natural gas reserves. The researchers, Christophe McGlade and Paul Elkins, both of University College in London, studied the potential impact on global warming if existing fossil fuel reserves continue to be exploited. They assumed that a global limit of 2 degrees centigrade must be enforced. The researchers published their results in Nature January 8.

Kathy Kelly Convicted of Waging Peace

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Chicago peace activist Kathy Kelly was convicted on December 10, on charges stemming from an intrusion at Whitman Air Force Base, in Missouri. She has been sentenced to three months in a Federal prison.

Kelly is one of the original founders of Voices in the Wilderness, a not for profit now known as Voices for Creative Nonviolence. The group based on the north side of Chicago, has been tireless in its advocacy of peace. Kelly serves as co-coordinator of the organization.

Durban Representative: Higher Priorities

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Today I called Senator Durban’s Washington office. I was attending our retiree local’s noon meeting. I called during a lull in the program. I expressed concern about some of the riders attached to the Omnibus Spending Bill just passed by the Senate. The pension rights of 10 million retirees were being abridged. The staff member I talked to said that Senator Durban was aware that 10 million retirees might see their pensions cut. I told him that the retirees had worked all their lives, had done nothing wrong, and didn’t deserve such treatment.

Eric's Law

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We all know about Megan's Law, and Amber Alerts. They are aimed at protecting defenseless children from violent exploitation. Now it appears that unarmed Black men are in need of protection. I propose we enact Eric's Law. This new law would guarantee the right of unemployed Black men to sell single cigarettes, work as squeegee men, etc., free from official harassment.

I Can't Breathe. I Can't Breathe. I Can't Breathe.

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Eric Garner, a resident of New York, was not long ago killed by the New York Police on suspicion of having attempted to sell singles.

Singles are cigarettes, sold individually. People who can't afford a full pack of cigarettes can buy singles. Brick and mortar merchants hate purveyors of singles, and have been pressuring the police to crack down.

Greens Asked to Support Big Oil, Oppose Renewable Mandate

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A few minutes ago, the North Side Greens received a phone call. It was from a group representing themselves as environmentalists. They wanted our support in fighting against the E15 Mandate. The E15 Mandate is a proposed measure to reduce the volume of crude oil in a gallon of gasoline. Under the rule, 15% of the petroleum in a gallon of gasoline would be replaced with renewables. Right now renewables constitute only 10%. The rule would make a modest reduction in greenhouse emissions.

Crude oil is a principal cause of greenhouse gas emissions.

Light Pollution

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The January issue of Sky and Telescope contains a story about light pollution in the United States. Simple, low cost measures can reduce light pollution. City government in Chicago has shown little interest in dealing with this issue. They have been increasing light pollution instead.

Lisa Madigan to Appeal Against State Retirees

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Lisa Madigan has filed an appeal against a Sangamon County Circuit Court ruling that a recent state pension law cutting retiree pensions is unconstitutional.

According to Aaron Maduff, attorney for a retiree group, it may be 10 to 16 months before the Illinois State Supreme Court renders a final verdict in the case. Retirees would have seen pension cuts on New Year's day.

Chicago Fund: Plan on having your pension cut for New Year's

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Despite a stunning court victory by unions and retiree groups against the State of Illinois, Chicago retirees are being advised to "Plan on having your pension cut New Year's day." This holiday advice was given by the Municipal Employees Annuity and Benefit Fund in response to a call by the North Side Greens.

Court: Pension Reform Unconstitutional

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The Sangamon County Circuit Court has ruled Illinois pension reform unconstitutional. Judge Belz ordered the law, SB1, struck down in its entirety. The Chicago Tribune reacted with fury.

More on nuclear Leak in Southern Illinois

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More on the recent nuclear release in Metropolis Illinois, previously reported by the North Side Greens. Metropolis, which is host to a nuclear fuel processing plant, is located on the Ohio River, in southern Illinois. Yellowcake, an oxide of uranium, is converted to highly toxic uranium hexafluoride, a gas. The hex is then pumped through a pipeline under the Ohio river to an enrichment plant in Paducah, KY.

November Anniversary Jesuits Murdered by US-Backed Dictatorship

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November16 marks the 25th anniversary of the murder of six jesuit priests by a US-backed dictatorship in El Salvador. Their housekeeper and her daughter were also slain.

Nuclear Leak in Southern Illinois

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Members of The United Steelworkers Local 7-669 report that they have been locked out of their jobs in a uranium processing plant. Metropolis, where the plant is located, is famous as the home of Superman. It is a small town in rural southern Illinois.

Mayor Emmanuel Drops Ball on $800 Million

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In September the North Side Greens reported that a window of opportunity was closing for the City of Chicago. If the City acted, they could recover $800 million in losses. The City had been gambling in the derivatives markets with public money. We did not lay responsibility for this fiscal imprudence on the present administration's doorstep. The City's losses began under the Daley administration. We didn't believe that the City understood at the time that they were taking serious financial risks.

Where Does Law Authorize Torture?

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The Chicago Tribune Sunday edition carries a story on page 11, Section 1, discussing fallout from a Congressional investigation of torture. The Tribune calls the practice "enhanced interrogation."

Greens Not to Blame for Democrat Losses

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We hear that some people are seeking to shift blame for Democrat losses in Tuesday's election. The Greens, we would like to point out, were not allowed to run candidates against most Democratic incumbents. Most Greens did vote, even though we may not have voted for any gubernatorial candidate. We are unapologetic. We do not seek to work within the Democratic Party.


Do Democrats Have Any Right to Expect Progressive Support?

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A Democrat named Jack posted a criticism of retiree activist Fred Klonsky for sitting out the recent Illinois gubernatorial election. Klonsky, Jack charged, had voted for Bruce Rauner because he hadn't voted for Quinn. Klonsky dismissed the accusation as "wrong in so many ways."

I think a more complete answer to Jack’s question is needed. The issue Jack raises involves a question of moral responsibility. That’s why the issue is important.

Democrats Getting Blitzed in Illinois

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As of 11:30 pm incumbent Governor Patrick Quinn was on his way to an involuntary retirement at the hands of right wing billionaire Bruce Rauner. Quinn had counted on the support of the State's powerful public employee unions. The membership were angered by Quinn's pension cutting attacks on retirees. To make matters worse, Quinn chose Paul Valles as his running mate. This was a major blunder. Valles is hated by teachers. The union leadership did their best to rally the faithful, but the rank and file sat on their hands this time around.

Nov 2014 Elections

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Scott Summers for Governor

The "Democratic" party has removed Scott from the ballot and officially disolved the Green Party, but they can't prevent him from running as a write-in candidate and Greens from voting for him. As such he has asked everyone to vote for him as a write-in candidate.

Sheldon Schafer for Secretary of State

Like Scott, Sheldons also been blacklisted by the Democrats. Write his name in for Secretary of State.

Ebola: Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

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The rainy season has ended in West Africa. The crops are on their way to market, and the farmers will soon be making their way to the cities to find work during the dry season. We will learn if there is any substance to the rumors of ebola in the back country. The Greens are watching Ivory Coast, Mali, Ghana, and Togo.