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You're Gonna Respect Me!

{ Submitted by wesler1 on Fri, 2015-03-06 00:57 }

A few weeks ago we heard noises outside our front window. I told my wife there was trouble. I was worried about my son, I said. He lives on the first floor. My wife said it was firecrackers. I said I didn’t think so. I knew the sound. She said I should stay inside.

I went downstairs.

The windows looked okay, so I went out.

Justin, the 19 year old who lived next door, was standing on his porch. The window had been shot out. Justin lurched through his front door, holding on to the door frame. His mother and grandmother started screaming. Non-stop screaming. There was blood on their front steps.

Another kid was on the sidewalk. On his side. He tried to move, but the leg under him wouldn’t work. I could see a bullet hole in his hip. His gun was on the sidewalk, a few feet away. I called 911. Someone had been shot, I said, and an ambulance was needed urgently. The cops came eventually. An ambulance came a while later.

The crew waited outside while the cops investigated. There was no hurry.

A neighbor asked a cop why these things were happening. The cop told her she lived in a bad neighborhood. Eventually the ambulance crew went in and took Justin out. Justin told them he was having trouble breathing. They put him in the ambulance. He died a couple of hours later.

The blood stains are still visible on our neighbor’s front steps. The family tried to paint over them. I see the bloodstains every morning when I go downstairs to get the paper. The Mayor says we have to respect him.

I would like to know exactly what the Mayor has been doing, beyond taking pensions away and closing schools and libraries. There are no jobs. We’re not getting City services on the Northwest Side. Everything goes to the lakefront wards. Maybe the lakefront liberals still like him.

We don’t count