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Emmanuel, Madigan Ask Court to Trash Constitution

{ Submitted by wesler1 on Wed, 2015-02-11 12:57 }

In court pleadings filed last week in Cook County, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan asked Circuit Judge Rita Novak to set aside Constitutional limits protecting City retirees. The Constitution is superceded, they argue, by the State's "Reserved Sovereign Powers." Also known as "Police Powers," these are unwritten unwritten rules allowing authority to ignore the Constitution when, in their judgement, this would serve the public interest.

The case involves a new State law allowing the City of Chicago to slash the pensions of retirees. The money saved by the City could then be diverted to other spending priorities. The law is being opposed by a coalition of unions and an employee association, the credit union.

The North Side Greens are concerned whenever attempts are made to weaken constitutional limits on the power of government. The constitutional principle at issue in this case is especially worrisome. The Mayor and the State's Attorney General are arguing for an exception giving government unlimited power to act at their own discretion. Some Democrats we have talked to have tried to reassure us. We are being paranoid, they say. Government would never abuse its power, they explain. It's only the retirees who are being targeted.