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Research: Call for Halt in Search for Oil, Gas, Coal Reserves

{ Submitted by wesler1 on Mon, 2015-01-19 00:39 }

A research report published in Nature calls for a halt to all further fossil fuel exploration and and a ban on extraction of most existing coal, oil, and natural gas reserves. The researchers, Christophe McGlade and Paul Elkins, both of University College in London, studied the potential impact on global warming if existing fossil fuel reserves continue to be exploited. They assumed that a global limit of 2 degrees centigrade must be enforced. The researchers published their results in Nature January 8. Use of fossil fuels must be discontinued, they concluded. Global warming cannot be controlled unless this is done, according to the research.

In order to stay within the 2 degree limit, most fossil fuel reserves should be classified by government as "unburnable" and all exploration for new fossil fuels should be discontinued. Governments would be asked to enforcde the new limits.