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North Side Greens Announce Aldermanic, Mayoral Picks

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The Northside Green picks for Chicago's Aldermanic-mayoral Election are as follows.

For Mayor:

Bob Fioretti, Jesus "Chuy" Garcia, William Dock Walls, Willie Wilson are seeking to unseat unpopular incumbent Rahm Emmanuel. Fioretti and Garcia are in the lead to face Emmanuel in a run off election, with Willie Wilson and Dock Walls trailing. Voters must choose one. The prospect of a second term for Emmanuel is deeply troubling, for a number of reasons.

Emmanuel's record on education is poor. In addition, he has sharply curtailed funding to the City's library system. He favors Charter Schools and has closed numerous neighborhood public schools. His traffic camera citation program is deeply unpopular. He has made no move to reverse his predecessor's sale of City parking meters.

Emmanuel's cavalier attitude toward basic constitutional protections is another, more serious, problem. The North Side Greens strongly disagree with Mayor Emmanuel on his deployment of Stingray cell-phone listening devices. At issue are violations of the 1st, 4th, and 14th Amendments to the US Constitution, and Article 6 of the Illinois State Bill of Rights (forbidding warrantless intercepts of private communications).

Emmanuel has targeted City retirees for reductions in previously earned pension benefits. Attorneys for the City were in court as early voting began. They claimed that the Mayor has unwritten "police powers" which permit him to set aside constitutional limits. In this case retirees were targeted, but the implications of the Mayor's claims go far beyond pensions. No one is safe when authority has the power to set aside limits.

In the meantime property tax burdens on ordinary working families continue to rise. The North Side Greens strongly recommend making it a point to select an alternative to Emmanuel.

For Alderman:

Ward 1: Ronda Locke is endorsed.

Note: 1st Ward incumbent Proco "Joe" Moreno is on record as favoring an expansion of the traffic camera program.

Ward 2: Stacey Pfingsten is endorsed.

Ward 11: Maureen F. Sullivan is endorsed.

Ward 14: Alberto Bocanegra is endorsed.

Ward 31: Irma Cornier is endorsed.

Note: Milagros "Milly" Santiago, who was part of the Quinn Administration, is engaged in a mudslinging fight against 31st Ward incumbent Ray Suarez. Milagros herself has feet of clay, the North Side Greens observe. Her duties included press relations for Governor Quinn during his campaign against the States's retirees. She has so made no move to separate herself from Quinn's policies.

Ward 36: Alonso Zaragoza is endorsed.

Ward 39: Joe Laiacona is endorsed.

Ward 49: Don Gordon is endorsed.

Note: 49th Ward incumbent Joe Moore has gone on record as favoring an expansion of the City's traffic camera program.