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AFSCME 31, SUAA File to Lower Legal Fees in Healthcare Case

{ Submitted by wesler1 on Mon, 2015-02-02 16:25 }

Most State retirees will be receiving refunds of money deducted for health coverage. The Illinois State Supreme Court recently ruled that deductions unilaterally imposed by the State were an unconstitutional change in agreed upon retirement plans.

SUAA in their
January 30 Mini-Briefing said that they had objectioned to members paying twice for costs of the legal defense. AFSCME Council 31 also filed similar objections. AFSCME and SUAA members/retirees had already defrayed legal costs through their monthly dues, and did not wish to pay double. The likely result of the two filings will be a reduction in legal costs to retirees.

An opt-out letter is expected to go out Monday. Retirees who agree with the settlement need do nothing. Their refunds will arrive in May or June. Any legal costs will be deducted from this settlement. Those who opt out must sign and return the letter. Opt-outs will need to retain and pay their own attorneys to receive a refund. David Amerson, AFSCME Retiree Coordinator, told the Northside Greens that he thought it would be better for most retirees to simply accept the settlement. In that case they need do nothing, he said.