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Kathy Kelly Convicted of Waging Peace

{ Submitted by S.Cody on Sat, 2014-12-20 14:21 }

Chicago peace activist Kathy Kelly was convicted on December 10, on charges stemming from an intrusion at Whitman Air Force Base, in Missouri. She has been sentenced to three months in a Federal prison.

Kelly is one of the original founders of Voices in the Wilderness, a not for profit now known as Voices for Creative Nonviolence. The group based on the north side of Chicago, has been tireless in its advocacy of peace. Kelly serves as co-coordinator of the organization.

Kathy Kelly is someone the Northside Greens regard with admiration. She has made a number of trips to Afghanistan, and also to Iraq. The focus of her efforts has been the impact America's "war on terror" has had on innocent civilians. She is free now, on recognisance, awaiting orders to report to prison. She will serve three months for protesting against drone strikes.

Drones present a serious challenge to American values. People are being killed in places which are not at war with the United States. There is no warning, no trial. According to REPRIEVE a legal group representing victims of US counter terrorism abuses, the ratio of innocent victims to suspected insurgents is 28 to 1. Kelly has been attempting to focus public attention on human rights abuses.