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Durban Representative: Higher Priorities

{ Submitted by wesler1 on Wed, 2014-12-17 14:12 }

Today I called Senator Durban’s Washington office. I was attending our retiree local’s noon meeting. I called during a lull in the program. I expressed concern about some of the riders attached to the Omnibus Spending Bill just passed by the Senate. The pension rights of 10 million retirees were being abridged. The staff member I talked to said that Senator Durban was aware that 10 million retirees might see their pensions cut. I told him that the retirees had worked all their lives, had done nothing wrong, and didn’t deserve such treatment.

The Senator, I was told, "had higher priorities to attend to."

I told him that the Senator had been sent to Washington to stand up for ordinary people, people like the 10 million retirees. I didn't think there were any higher priorities.

The people who had voted for Senator Durban had hoped that he would fight to protect them. He had betrayed them instead. There had been a time, I said, when such a vote would have been unthinkable from someone calling himself a Democrat.

We were not on speaker phone, but everyone in the room could hear my side of the conversation, and could easily guess at the Durban staffer’s responses.

On my side of the conversation the room had gone silent. Durban’s representative, at the other end, seemed oblivious. I told him that, as a constituent, I was deeply disappointed at the Senator’s actions and ended the call.