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Greens Asked to Support Big Oil, Oppose Renewable Mandate

{ Submitted by admin on Thu, 2014-12-04 14:54 }

A few minutes ago, the North Side Greens received a phone call. It was from a group representing themselves as environmentalists. They wanted our support in fighting against the E15 Mandate. The E15 Mandate is a proposed measure to reduce the volume of crude oil in a gallon of gasoline. Under the rule, 15% of the petroleum in a gallon of gasoline would be replaced with renewables. Right now renewables constitute only 10%. The rule would make a modest reduction in greenhouse emissions.

Crude oil is a principal cause of greenhouse gas emissions.

We asked our caller how much of a gallon of gas should come from petroleum. Our caller did not know. The Greens told him that right now there were cities on the East Coast where tides were lapping on the sidewalks. Downtown shoppers had to dodge waves to reach the stores. Global warming was a serious issue, we thought. The North Side Greens were on record as favoring 100% elimination of fossil fuels, this being the scientific consensus.

Our caller said our gas mileage would drop, our engine would be ruined, and our exhaust emissions would soar if we used E15. We told our caller that we had experimented with various mixtures of renewables. We had gone as high as E30, we said, and our fuel efficiency had gone up. We were passing emissions tests with flying colors, we said. Our car had gone over 100,000 miles with no sign of trouble.

We did not think ethanol should be produced with natural gas, we said. That didn't make the case for petroleum, however. The North Side Greens thought that natural gas should be replaced with renewable alternatives, and so should oil.

Our caller admitted that his "environmental group" was actually taking money from the American Petroleum Institute. We told our caller that we understood the scientific consensus favored complete elimination of fossil fuels. There was no sustainable level for petroleum. We wanted to see the American Petroleum Institute shut down, we said.

We told our caller that if he were truly an environmentalist, he would not be working with the American Petroleum Institute.