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Where Does Law Authorize Torture?

{ Submitted by wesler1 on Tue, 2014-11-11 02:12 }

The Chicago Tribune Sunday edition carries a story on page 11, Section 1, discussing fallout from a Congressional investigation of torture. The Tribune calls the practice "enhanced interrogation."

According to the Tribune, torture has been occurring "more frequently than legally authorized." Under Federal law, torture is a felony. The Greens have not been able to find any law in the Federal Code which permits authorization of torture. The Greens have been aware for some time hat their views on this subject may be at odds with the views of Republicans and Democrats on this issue.

There have been discussions, from time to time. Most commonly our opponents (1) deny that their office holders engage in the practice, or (2) argue that torture is permissible as well as morally ok under some circumstances, or (3) maintain that members of the other mainstream party are entirely responsible for any torture which persists.

We try to be polite, but don't believe a word of it. We understand we will not convince everyone, try as we might.