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Governor Quinn urges families to talk to retirees over Thanksgiving dinner

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Illinois Governor Quinn and his allies in the Illinois State Legislature are urging the families of retired teachers and other state and local government employees to talk to them over Thanksgiving dinner about giving up part of their pensions.

To balance their budget, the State must either raise taxes or cut pensions. The only obvious source of new tax money is the State's wealthy corporations and individuals, most of whom presently pay little or nothing. But taxing the wealthy is unthinkable to the State's political establishment. It's easier to target retirees, who have little political clout and can't fight back. Most retirees receive very modest pensions. The impact of the proposed pension cuts on retirees will be catastrophic.

The North Side Greens support retirement security for all Americans, including both public and private sectors. Here is a statement from AFSCME asking retirees to take action by making three phone calls. Perhaps others will join them:


To stop an all-out assault on your retirement security, it’s essential that you act right away.

Call the Governor’s Office today at 217-782-6830 and make sure he gets the message: I strongly oppose your efforts to undermine the retirement security of State of Illinois and state university retirees by making us pay more for our health care. I urge you to negotiate an agreement with AFSCME on fair terms that don’t drive up my health care costs.

Call your state senator and state representative right away. Tell your legislators: I am very angry that some politicians are trying to cut the pension benefits that state of Illinois and state university retirees worked hard to earn. I always paid my share into the pension fund. I shouldn’t have to pay more now. I urge you to vote NO on any bill that would cut my pension. (If you don’t know who your legislators are, you can find that information at

You can also reach your legislators by calling 888-912-5959 - admin.