The following text was part of a correspondence between myself and the head of the Florida State Chapter of NOW.

I have been working on environmental, labor, and educational issues for the last 40 or so years.

For the last few months I have become increasing concerned about the controversy over the accession of President Trump. It seems now that there is no issue except the issue of Trump.

We are told we should not concern ourselves about what is to follow, but instead work to put a new regime in place. I think this is wrong. I have told XXXX and others with whom I work (labor people, tenants rights groups, Greens, etc.) that we progressives need to articulate our own agenda. The policy agenda and political outlook of any new administration is very much our business.

Trump would not have gotten to the White House unless very many people were unhappy. American trade policy has been a longstanding grievance among working families in this country. Trump has implemented one of the key demands of rank and file Americans. He has begun imposing tariffs and in doing so has begun the unwinding of globalism. None of the Democrats so far have been willing to support this.

I have been urging the people I know to listen to, and to articulate the stories of ordinary people. The stories and aspirations of ordinary people living in our communities. The people in my community know that global warming is real, they have no reason to doubt, and nothing to gain by inaction. The people in my community. The people in my community understand very well that globalization is very bad for them. The people in our communities understand that gender stereotypic roles are bad for them. In a society built upon privilege all roles are bad for most people in most communities.

For ordinary people, glass ceilings are never going to be relevant. They will be more concerned about the issues and barriers they and their children are facing.

Our Democratic leaders do not seem to understand any of these things.

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