The Democrats are extremely angry in the wake of Hillary Clinton's unexpected loss to Donald Trump. They can't understand why it happened.

It must have been racism, some say,or a late backlash against affirmative action. Others blame sexism, or the KKK, or the American NAZI Party. It was Bible religion and the organized power of ignorance, say still others. Some blame the Republican Party for stealing votes. Sectional and class stereotypes have been resurrected. Rural, blue collar, or Appalachian whites Corporate America is blamed.

Protests have been organized, and the North Side Greens have been asked to turn out in support. We're not entirely sure we should demonstrate, at least at this point. Some of us have taken part, but others have asked "What are we going to be demonstrating for?"

If the Democrats are asking us to help engineer a return to the status quo ante, then we're not with them. The Democrats were on a bad course, and we had long opposed them.

The Greens ran their own candidate. Jill Stein was a progressive with really good credentials. We know we lost the election. It came as no surprise. We helped organize and pay for recounts in some key areas. We did this mostly because we wanted to see that democratic norms were being followed. The recounts were completed, and they confirm what we suspected: The Democrats lost the election.

So, why did the Democrats lose the election? Today after the inauguration, we got a copy of the full text of Trump's acceptance speech. There we found our answer.

Trump promised "a great national effort to rebuild our country . . . to restore its promise for all of our people . . . . Washington flourished – but the people did not share in its wealth. . . . Politicians prospered – but the jobs left, and the factories closed. . . .The establishment protected itself, but not the citizens . . . . A nation exists to serve its citizens. . . . Their victories have not been your victories. . . . there was little to celebrate for struggling families . . . for too many of our citizens, a different reality exists. . . rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones. . . (an) education system, flush with cash, but which leaves our . . . students deprived."

These were things we had been saying. In our view, democracies are organized by their people and exist to promote their welfare. We don't share Trump's views, but neither could we side with the Democrats.

Our Democrat friends are telling us that Trump has no intention of keeping any of his promises. We will see. We know that the Democrats weren't willing to promise very much - at least not to middle America.

Trump is slated to act on the TPP Monday. The Greens have long opposed the kind of globalism neo-liberal Democrats have espoused. It was unsustainable , destructive and unjust. The Democrats say he will do nothing on Monday.

The Northside Greens aren't so sure. We think he will cancel TPP.

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