Monthly Meetings

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North Side Green Party Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month, 7 to 8 pm. The October 12 meeting will be held at, 2231 West Devon, Chicago. Our meeting place is accessible by public transit.

North Side Greens: 

US Conflict with Russia about Predatory Lending, Interference Russian Internal Politics

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Paul Craig Roberts and Michael Hudson have written an analysis of the US/neo-liberal conflict with Russia. Forget about the foreign policy fairy tales you've been getting from the corporate media. This is real-politic from a progressive point of view: The issue is predatory lending, not democratic values. The North Side Greens don't think the ordinary citizen benefits, and question both the wisdom and the morality of the Obama administration policy toward Russia.

Pension Lawsuit Moving Ahead

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At a meeting of AFSCME Retirees Subchapter 161, Charles Hogan reported that AFSCME Council 31 was moving ahead in litigation to return pension and healthcare cutbacks imposed by the City.

He summarized a memo written by David Amerson, Council 31 Retiree Coordinator.

The union is part of We Are One Chicago, a coalition of unions, community organizations, and retirees now litigating against cutbacks. Legal filings are due by the end of this week, and a hearing is scheduled for early July.

State Argues Constitution Not Absolute, Supreme Court Skeptical

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The State of Illinois, in oral hearings last week, tried to convince the Illinois State Supreme Court that constitutional limits on the power of government are not absolute and may be set aside when authorities deem necessary. At issue were five class action suits brought by retiree groups and unions against the State of Illinois. Legislation enacted in 2013 reduced benefits previously earned.

North Side Greens Endorse Chuy

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The North Side Greens endorsed Cook County Commissioner Jesus Chuy Garcia for Mayor of Chicago. Garcia came in first in a field of four contenders to replace incumbent Rahm Emmanuel. Garcia must now win a majority in the April 7th run-off.

You're Gonna Respect Me!

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A few weeks ago we heard noises outside our front window. I told my wife there was trouble. I was worried about my son, I said. He lives on the first floor. My wife said it was firecrackers. I said I didn’t think so. I knew the sound. She said I should stay inside.

I went downstairs.

The windows looked okay, so I went out.

Pension Theft In a Nutshell: Representative Neckritz Explains

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The cartoon above appeared recently on Pension Vocabulary, a blog maintained by John Dillon.

Dillon is a retired high school teacher who has made it his business to take Illinois politicians back to school.

FDA in Collusion

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Ira Flatow asks whether the FDA helps cover up medical fraud. It happens, but you may never hear about it. Click here to listen,

Emmanuel, Madigan Ask Court to Trash Constitution

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In court pleadings filed last week in Cook County, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan asked Circuit Judge Rita Novak to set aside Constitutional limits protecting City retirees.

North Side Greens Announce Aldermanic, Mayoral Picks

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Fioretti and Garcia are in the lead to face Emmanuel in a run off election, with Willie Wilson and Dock Walls trailing. Voters must choose among these four. The prospect of a second term for Emmanuel is deeply troubling . . .

AFSCME 31, SUAA File to Lower Legal Fees in Healthcare Case

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Most State retirees will be receiving refunds of money deducted for health coverage. The Illinois State Supreme Court recently ruled that deductions unilaterally imposed by the State were an unconstitutional change in agreed upon retirement plans.

Liberals More Analytic, Conservatives more Holistic

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A recent study concludes that liberals think more analytically than conservatives. Conservatives are holistic thinkers, responding to the overall picture, but likely to

Amicus Curiae Tossed in Pension Theft Case

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On Inaguration Day in Springfield while Bruce Rauner was being sworn in as Illinois Governor, Lisa Madigan filed a legal brief arguing that the State should be allowed to cut pensions of retired and active employees. An unwritten rule existed, she argues, giving states the right to suspend constitutional protections whenever, in their judgement, an "exigency" existed.

Research: Call for Halt in Search for Oil, Gas, Coal Reserves

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A research report published in Nature calls for a halt to all further fossil fuel exploration and and a ban on extraction of most existing coal, oil, and natural gas reserves. The researchers, Christophe McGlade and Paul Elkins, both of University College in London, studied the potential impact on global warming if existing fossil fuel reserves continue to be exploited. They assumed that a global limit of 2 degrees centigrade must be enforced. The researchers published their results in Nature January 8.

Kathy Kelly Convicted of Waging Peace

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Chicago peace activist Kathy Kelly was convicted on December 10, on charges stemming from an intrusion at Whitman Air Force Base, in Missouri. She has been sentenced to three months in a Federal prison.

Kelly is one of the original founders of Voices in the Wilderness, a not for profit now known as Voices for Creative Nonviolence. The group based on the north side of Chicago, has been tireless in its advocacy of peace. Kelly serves as co-coordinator of the organization.

Durban Representative: Higher Priorities

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Today I called Senator Durban’s Washington office. I was attending our retiree local’s noon meeting. I called during a lull in the program. I expressed concern about some of the riders attached to the Omnibus Spending Bill just passed by the Senate. The pension rights of 10 million retirees were being abridged. The staff member I talked to said that Senator Durban was aware that 10 million retirees might see their pensions cut. I told him that the retirees had worked all their lives, had done nothing wrong, and didn’t deserve such treatment.

Eric's Law

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We all know about Megan's Law, and Amber Alerts. They are aimed at protecting defenseless children from violent exploitation. Now it appears that unarmed Black men are in need of protection. I propose we enact Eric's Law. This new law would guarantee the right of unemployed Black men to sell single cigarettes, work as squeegee men, etc., free from official harassment.

I Can't Breathe. I Can't Breathe. I Can't Breathe.

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Eric Garner, a resident of New York, was not long ago killed by the New York Police on suspicion of having attempted to sell singles.

Singles are cigarettes, sold individually. People who can't afford a full pack of cigarettes can buy singles. Brick and mortar merchants hate purveyors of singles, and have been pressuring the police to crack down.

Greens Asked to Support Big Oil, Oppose Renewable Mandate

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A few minutes ago, the North Side Greens received a phone call. It was from a group representing themselves as environmentalists. They wanted our support in fighting against the E15 Mandate. The E15 Mandate is a proposed measure to reduce the volume of crude oil in a gallon of gasoline. Under the rule, 15% of the petroleum in a gallon of gasoline would be replaced with renewables. Right now renewables constitute only 10%. The rule would make a modest reduction in greenhouse emissions.

Crude oil is a principal cause of greenhouse gas emissions.

Light Pollution

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The January issue of Sky and Telescope contains a story about light pollution in the United States. Simple, low cost measures can reduce light pollution. City government in Chicago has shown little interest in dealing with this issue. They have been increasing light pollution instead.